Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blog Mission

This blog is intended to collect comments on the feasibility of a wiki specific to the needs of people who are blind or who have low vision.

Cooperation, a fundamental element of life, is vital in accessibility progress. But the technology that enables collaboration is not always easy to use.

Since you are reading this blog, you have found one accessible form of information. But, what you are reading is a series of sequential comments on a specific subject.

The subject of this blog is the development of a wiki: a collaborative environment of resources for blind and visually impaired technology users. Just as Wikipedia is a collaboratively edited resource, this proposed wiki would be a resource for a targeted audience – a wiki created by a smaller set of contributing authors and editors.

Please feel free to use this blog to express your thoughts on the subject: good idea, poor idea? Ways to recruit authors and editors. Suggestions for the major categories of information. Possible sponsors / funding sources. Alternative forms of technology to harness the same information to support the same goals.

Let the collaboration begin.


Anonymous Gary and Penny said...

This letter has two main objectives on which we wish to elaborate:

1) We wish to express the deep disappointment of the community with regard to the progress and topics of federally funded rehabilitation engineering projects, for which some three-quarters of a billion tax dollars have been spent over the past 25 years; and

2) We wish to express meaningful concepts, perceptions, issues, and possibilities that we highly recommend rehabilitation engineering research centers take seriously, if they truly wish to address the grass-roots concerns and needs of the blindness and low vision communities.

… [In this regard, we feel that] the greatest barriers facing researchers to date have been culturally related, in that there has been an understandable inability to comprehend the experience of blindness.

As researchers, you can only be observers of our experience, while we who are blind, are full participants.

As a result, there is often a vast gulf between the perceptions of academics and researchers, and our perceptions of our own experience. To the researcher, our experience is known only in terms of what it is not. To us, it is a rich and full life of human and very natural experiences.

There is one miracle in the universe that we all experience – our own existence. All other miracles are of lesser value. Thus, from our perspective, our experience of life, and our capabilities to express life fully in a very human way, are no less valid – no less deserving of honor and respect – than yours.

We wish to express our true concerns and needs in light of this – but the stigmatism assigned by society to persons who are blind makes this very difficult. In an attempt to circumvent this problem, we would like you to suspend your beliefs about the writers of this letter, and the blindness community, for just a few moments, and pretend that this is a letter from colonists living on Mars, who, because of their situation, need special technology just to function in an ordinary, everyday fashion, and with a decent quality of life.

Further, imagine that as Mars colonists, we are writing a letter to Earth researchers one more time in an attempt to obtain the kinds of technologies we know from experience we need. And to avoid confusion, we wish to set forth our perceptions of what will constitute a fair and reasonable research effort on our part. After this introduction, we continue as follows:

Before describing our needs, first, we feel you must have an understanding of our perspective. We wish you to carefully think over the following three points in this regard:

1. While our experience here in the Mars Colony is totally alien to your experience back on Earth, it is not a “less than” experience. We are alien to your understanding, but every bit as human and deserving of human respect in the development of technology for us. Paternalism is not an acceptable response on your part, as it degrades our innate humanness and the validity of our experience.

2. For too long you have been developing technology for us based on what you imagine our needs to be. You have no means of ever truly understanding our experience here, no matter how much you use your imagination. Life here is just not what you imagine it to be. If you truly wish to develop useful technology for us, then please include us in all your design efforts from the start. Do not think that you can “tweak” a design after the fact to make it work for us. Open lines of communication must prevail throughout the design process from start to finish, and you must believe what we tell you is necessary, no matter how unbelievable we may seem to you. You must come to trust the validity of our perspective.

3. In the past you have become irate when we refuse to talk to you with one clear voice about our needs. In your interactions with us, you should realize that you are talking to a very diverse group of people who have come here with all of the prejudices, conceptual lacks, and diverse behaviors of Earth people. We are you! Further, you need to realize that as a Newbie goes through the adjustment process, their perceptions and values change drastically. Their perceptions of what they need today may change considerably over the following months and years. Nearly every colonist sent here finds the adjustment to a Mars lifestyle to be a very difficult one. It literally takes years of personal adjustment and experience to become acclimated to the conditions here. In addition, Newbies from Earth are poorly equipped, indeed, to cope with life here; and most experience severe emotional and social trauma in the process of adapting.

We do, however, have real needs for far better tools – tools specifically designed to meet our particular circumstances – as perceived by us, not imagined by you. To reach a favorable result, all research must become a joint effort involving all concerned. You cannot indiscriminately select a few volunteer Mars colonists who have nothing better to do than to come visit you. These volunteers may, or may not, speak for the aggregate needs of this diverse community. And, if they are Newbies, they may totally mislead your efforts.

What is truly needed – what would be most desireable – is the democratic participation of the full community. This may be very difficult to achieve. However, with the recent evolution of the wikipedia concept, there is at least hope that more massive community involvement is possible.

By developing a wikipedia of blindness and low vision the entire community would have the opportunity to contribute and distribute its combined experience and wisdom to all, and researchers could participate as well. Researchers could learn a great deal by performing statistical analyses on this wikipedia to determine the salient expressed needs of the community. Further, by contributing to this wikipedia from the onset as new technology is being developed, the entire community would have the opportunity to participate in the process by providing critiques of the design efforts.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Phantom Dog

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